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U.S. Accused Of Fueling Political Tension In Nigeria

U.S. Accused Of Fueling Political Tension In Nigeria
Nigeria’s two main presidential candidates

AFRICANGLOBE – Move on Nigeria, a civic action group promoting democracy, transformation agenda and good governance in Nigeria has accused the Obama administration of fuelling political tension in Nigeria so as to achieve the US prediction of Nigeria’s disintegration this year.

In a statement signed by its National Co-ordinator, Mr Clem Aguiyi, the group said “it is interesting that the Obama administration that has refused to do anything to help Nigeria in the fight against insurgency, has continued to publicly magnify every failure Nigeria’s government experienced and also working behind the scene to assist Buhari, who ruled Nigeria with iron fist to unseat the incumbent president. The Obama administration cannot pretend not to know that the Buhari military government was known for harshly cracking down on civil rights, arresting opposition forces, and intimidating critical journalists”.

Meanwhile, the group has also urged former Central Bank governor, who is now Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammed Sanusi II to apologise to President Goodluck Jonathan and the Minister of Petroleum, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke following the audit report on the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which indicated that only $1.48b was yet to be remitted to the federation account as against $49b alleged by Sanusi as missing.

The group said, as a mark of honour, the onus now falls on the Kano Emir, who as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), raised the initial alarm that led to the probe.

According to the group, the allegation gave rise to more international attention on Nigeria just like the audit report did, adding that with the world watching, those who initially raised the allegation, and indeed, “all those who reached judgemental conclusions, ought to swallow their pride and tender public apology to the president, the minister and also the senate of the Federal Republic”.

“As a group which was in support of the call for a probe, we now feel that having had the result with the allegation of $49billion missing proven to be false, we therefore call on the Emir of Kano, and indeed, all those who worked to heat up the polity and insulted the President of the Federal Republic and the Minister of Petroleum Resources, to own up to their faults and apologise to the nation”, it said.

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