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“Stop Worshipping Whiteness” Malema Tells South Africans

“Stop Worshipping Whiteness” Julius Malema Tells South Africans
South Africa’s economy is still in the hands of white settlers.

AFRICANGLOBE – EFF leader Julius Malema delivered his Youth Day speech at the iconic University of Fort Hare on Sunday, and he delivered it with all the fire and brimstone we’ve come to expect from the beloved politician.

What Julius Malema Said On Youth Day 2019

Malema took to the stage and rallied for the “decolonisation” of the education system in South Africa. According to the CIC, learners in Mzansi need to be taught from the African perspective, and an overhaul of the school curriculum is something the EFF would favour.

Julius Malema On “Worshipping Whiteness”

However, with Malema being the blatantly honest person that he is, it didn’t take long for him to cover some pretty controversial ground. He told the crowds that the minds of Black South Africans “still need liberating”, and vowed to serve as the party leader until “the worship of whiteness” had finished.

“The struggle of 1976 was not just against Afrikaans, it was a struggle to liberate the mind. They knew the continuation of the oppression of the minds of black people, would never allow us to realise complete freedom. For as long as there is a black man that worships whiteness, I am not done.”

Julius Malema

Malema also dwelled on the sentiment of forgiveness but feels there’s still a disparity in our history. Hector Pietersen was killed by police during the Soweto Uprising – which Youth Day commemorates – but he asked his audience why figures like FW de Klerk had not apologised for the teenager’s murder.

The message from Julius Malema was arguably the most robust of the day. Earlier on Sunday, Mmusi Maimane outlined how his party feel they could provide the youth with more job opportunities.

Cyril Ramaphosa also promised to alleviate unemployment by creating jobs across several technical industries and paid tribute to the perseverance of South Africa’s youngsters. He even “got down with the kids” and showed us his dance moves. The jury is very much out on his performance, though.


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