African Countries With Highest White Population


10. 10) Zimbabwe – White Population: 30,000

AFRICANGLOBE – Africa has a long history of harbouring Europeans, Asians and even South Americans. Prior to, and after the era of colonialism in Africa, White Africans commonly called European Africans have been entrenched in the continent. The Dutch, British, Portuguese, German, French, and to a lesser extent, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Jewish, or Irish descent can be found in many parts of Africa.

Here are Top 10 African Countries With Highest White Population as of 2015.

Formerly known as Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), a small number of people of European ethnicity first settled there in the late nineteenth century. During its colonialism, Zimbabwe was intended to become a “white man’s country” – to be settled and ruled by permanent European colonists. Until Zimbabwean independence in 1980, white Rhodesians presided over the nation politically, socially, and economically. They numbered some 240,000 by late 1979.

Consequence of independence, the country’s white people lost most of their former privileges. Nevertheless, some white people chose to stay in the new Zimbabwe. Over the past decades many of the white farming community have left.


Harare, Zimbabwe