African Countries Rank High on World’s Saddest Nation List

Many of the Saddest Nations are in Africa
Saddest Nations

AFRICANGLOBE – The influential Forbes Magazine, has listed Nigeria as ranking high in global index for having one of the world’s saddest nation, saying the country’s leadership must move from corrupt practices and official profligacy to render quality leadership to the people.

This is contained in the annual development analysis index that was released on Thursday on the Magazine’s website, stating that citizens of Nigeria ranked 20th amongst their counterpart sampled across the globe, thus making the country one of the worst country to live in.

Nigeria also shares the same unenviable position with several other African and Asian countries of the world with the war torn Central African Republic topping the chart as the country harbouring the saddest people in the globe.

Below are the first 20:

1. Central African Republic

2. Republic of Congo

3. Afghanistan

4. Chad

5. Haiti

6. Burundi

7. Togo

8. Zimbabwe

9. Yemen

10. Ethiopia

11. Pakistan

12. Iraq

13. Liberia

14. Angola

15. Sierra Leone

16. Guinea

17. Ivory Coast

18. Sudan

19. Mozambique

20. Nigeria