This African Country Has Started Rounding Up Chinese Nationals?

This African Country Has Started Rounding Up Chinese Nationals?
China’s decision to attack Africans has backfired bigtime.

AFRICANGLOBE – Amidst the rising xenophobia in China directed against the African community in that country, a West African nation in retaliation has began to arrest Chinese nationals living in that country.

The Republic of Guinea has reportedly started to detain Chinese nationals, following the racial attacks on Africans in China.

The west African country took the action following the mistreatment of Blacks in China by the Chinese government officials, an African news source reported.

The report claimed that the decision to arrest the Chinese nationals was taken by the Guinean government to ensure the safe passage of the Guinean nationals. The report in Global News Network suggested that the Chinese national will be detained until all Guinean nationals return safely from China.

A video also has been shared online that claims to show the moment all the Chinese nationals were arrested and brought to a detention center. The video clip has been shared online with captions that the Chinese national will face dire consequences if Africans are harmed in China.

Several videos have emerged from China that show mobs beating up Africans with iron rods. Since the first week of April, there has been an increase in violence against Africans in China after an online post claimed that two Nigerians infected with coronavirus had escaped the hospital and were responsible for causing the second wave of coronavirus outbreak in China.

Since then the African community has been on the receiving end of the abuse being meted out by the Chinese, who now are forcibly evicting Black tenants from their apartments and many are being forced to live on the streets.

The Government of China also detained Africans and despite testing negative for coronavirus the Africans are still being kept in isolation.

Guangzhou, which has a substantial African population, the Africans are publicly shunned. Even restaurants and shopping malls have barred Africans from entering.

“All of this is happening because there has been a rise in foreign imported cases, [but] the majority are from Chinese nationals,” a student from Sierra Leone told reporters.

Another student said that while the Chinese were allowed to come out of their homes, all African students are being forced to stay indoors.


By: Johnlee Varghese