African Parents, Stop Forcing Religion Upon Your Children!


African Parents, Stop Forcing Religion Upon Your Children!
Religion is a tool of conquerors

AFRICANGLOBE – African parents need to stop forcing imaginary beliefs or religion upon their children. It is a pandemic disease plaguing most African nations, and is very common in Christian families or homes.

In Africa, many children are forced to go to church every Sunday by their parents, forced to attend bible studies, and if a Catholic – forced to participate in alter services. It is force in a sense that, some African parents make it mandatory and not a thing of choice.

What’s even more sad is that in Catholic churches, people are made to confess their sins to a priest! Afterwards they’re asked to recite “10 hail mary’s” and “5 our father’s”. The reverend father will then say…”go and sin no more”. I never took church or religion serious growing up as a kid, it’s just one of those things you do to satisfy your parents shallow request. What a life!

I was once caught up in such bondage, but some Africans will never understand what it feels like to be this FREE. Why? They’re still caught up in the bondage! Our African people must be properly informed!

Below is an interesting point from an intelligent poster on a social network page:

“Belief in gods is passed to children before they have the intellectual wherewithal to question their elders. Like your cuisine, your traditions and your values, belief in gods become a part of your being. They become axiomatic beliefs rather than the conclusion of rigorous intellectual inquiry.”

The White missionaries really raped the crap out of Africa when they flooded the continent with their fairy tale bibles and brainwashing several years ago.What’s even more funny is – I’ve noticed that we practice Christianity more in Africa than those who invented it or brought it to us.

African Parents, Stop Forcing Religion Upon Your Children!
Africans need more action and less praying

For example, in Africa, Nigeria to be exact, many Catholics attend mass at least 3 times a week, followed by charismatic, house fellowship, and prayer meetings, not to forget catechism classes – this is their regular routine. This means majority of African Christians spend more than half of their life worshiping.  They invest little to no time towards realistically developing their own self – their intellect is lost.

In African Christian homes, this is the life their children are forced to live. Does Africa truly need this? When are we going to wake up and realize we are being massively brainwashed with religion? In the US, I’ve noticed that majority of those that attend church services are Africans. Any intellectual being would apply critical and analytical reasoning to try to understand why this misconception of god exists in the mind of many Africans and not the world at large. Why Africa? We need to start questioning the effect and existence of religion on the continent if we truly want to gain more knowledge and solve our problems, if any.


I believe the hands of time is changing. The days when African parents will no longer force imaginary beliefs or worshiping of imaginary gods upon their children will soon be over. The new generation of Africa is rising – they are powerful, knowledgeable and intelligent. The revolution has begun.


By: Kevin Onuma 


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