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African Pastor – People Must Pay Pastors For Giving Them Blessings


African Pastor - People Must Pay Pastors For Giving Them Blessings
Pastor Hastings Salanje

AFRICANGLOBE – Versatile Malawian, South Africa-based Pastor Hastings Salanje says pastors need to be rich because the congregation have to pay them for pouring unto them blessings they seek from God.

Salanje who has lately been the main man on the social media over his bragging around to have been ’embarrassingly blessed by God’ and attaining expensive cars and mansions in South Africa.

“You see, we men of God are rich just because people pay us for giving them blessings” Salanje told Capital Radio in the Straight Talk programme on Thursday in response to the wealth he has.

He said that he has no worries with some Malawians hating him over the posts he makes on Facebook, the “man of God” whose sons have also joined him in boasting of the family’s riches argued that everyone has his/her haters with others as lover.

“I wouldn’t say that all Malawians hate me, there are others that love me lot. Thats life anyway if there are some that love me, they have reason so do those that hate me”

” The reason that would make someone hate another would be jealousy and intimidation” said Salanje ironically saying that people hate him for being rich.

He then went ahead to mock Malawians by saying that “I know back home are suffering”.

Salanje who recently challenged Malawians to bring forward cars like his to show him and be given money has since stated that he will be living RSA for America as God wants him to administer there.

The lighter part of it all Salanje has been very open to say that he is the one who posts the ridiculous messages on his Facebook accounts.

Pastor Salanje left Malawi for South Africa some years ago following some accusation from the people in the country that he is a Satanist.


By: Paul Nthala


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