African Union Chief Mugabe Says ICC Unwelcome In Africa

African Union Chief Mugabe Says ICC Unwelcome In Africa
President Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE – Zimbabwean leader and African Union chairman Robert Mugabe on Tuesday harshly criticized the International Criminal Court (ICC) after Sudan’s president dodged an international arrest order by leaving early from a meeting of the continent’s leaders in South Africa, a news agency reported.

Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir arrived in Khartoum, Sudan, on Monday from South Africa, where a court had instructed he be arrested, but only after Bashir had taken off in his plane. He is wanted by the ICC for war crimes allegations, including several charges of genocide, linked to the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region.

The African News Agency, which is based in South Africa, quoted Mugabe as saying at the late-night close of the African Union summit in Johannesburg that the ICC is not wanted in Africa.

“This is not the headquarters of the ICC; we don’t want it in this region at all,” said Mugabe, who is chairing the 54-member African Union for one year.

The comment was the latest jab at the court by an African leader. Many politicians on the continent accuse the ICC of disproportionately targeting African heads of state in its indictments.

The ICC denies any discrimination and points out that most cases are brought to the court by African countries themselves. According to the court’s principle of complementarity, the ICC only has jurisdiction when a local judiciary is deemed unwilling or unable to carry out justice.

Mugabe also said that South African President Jacob Zuma vowed “he would not allow” police to arrest Bashir in South Africa, the African News Agency reported.

Though South Africa is a signatory to the statute that established the ICC, the African Union said delegates to the summit in Johannesburg, as with any of the group’s summits, would have immunity from arrest or prosecution.

A spokesman for Zuma’s office referred questions about Bashir to a government spokeswoman, who was not immediately available on Tuesday.

Nick Kaufman, a lawyer representing several victims in the Darfur case at the ICC, called on the court’s prosecutor Tuesday to ask judges for a formal “finding of non-compliance” by South Africa for failing to arrest Bashir and to have the matter reported to the United Nations Security Council.


  1. These tools are set up and remotely used by certain people (countries) to undermine ,humiliate our leaders, destabilize our countries just as they use their media. Use them to twist the arms of our government and our business men to do their bidding. One such is the so-called Human Right group who in my opinion is the mouthpiece of terrorists everywhere. Like they jumped on Nigerian military when militarized civil police in USA are killing young blacks in the street, they don’t consider that Human Right abuse.. USA civil police are better armed than the Nigerian army and yet Human Right people come to accuse the Nigerian military of Human Right abuse in a war situation.
    Remember Lios Coombo of the ICC too who said that Nigeria was a failed state because one person with a Nigerian name commuted a felony. This person who was not living in Nigeria, radicalized abroad, yet that twat Lios Coombo in his broken English had the effrontery to say that to Nigeria because he was working for ICC. I wonder what he would call all European countries now that their citizens a flooding to ISIS?

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  4. The President is correct.. This ICC is a tool thats used to victimise any nation that refuses to carry out the wishes of the West… Its a tool,just like other so called Human Rights Groups like Amnesty and HRW who r used to defame African States and leaders as well as for whitemail purposes… On another note i resent the name calling of African Presidents who are democratically elected as ‘Dictators’ like the author does to President Al Bashir here… The author shud be informed that again is a label given to Heads of States who refuse to carry out the wishes of the West

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