Afrophobia Rising In South Africa

Afrophobia Rising In South Africa
Anti-afrophobia march in South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE – Xenophobia has again reared its ugly head in South Africa’s economic capital, Johannesburg with foreign nationals reporting looting of their shops and being forced to leave their shops under heavy police guard.

On Wednesday morning, police reported several attacks on shops owned by foreign nationals.

“It has now spread to areas such as Emdeni, Zola and Protea Glen areas, west of Soweto,” police spokesman, Kay Makhubela, said.

Makhubela did not have further information on the overnight incidents.

According to reports, foreign nationals allegedly shot dead a 14-year old teenager and injured another when a group of boys attempted to rob a shop on Monday.

The teenager died on the scene and the injured person was taken to hospital.

The shop owner has since been arrested.

The incident then led to violence in which foreign-owned shops were looted and streets blockaded.

Twelve people were arrested and expected to appear in Court shortly.

Afrophobia Rising In South Africa
South African cops and security guard caught on video stripping and beating Nigerian man

Makhubela said: “The community members are also saying the foreign shop owners must move out from the area so they’ve been looting their properties. We’ve maintained the situation and managed to arrest some of the suspects”.

The shop owners packed up and loaded their goods into vehicles and with police assistance and were escorted out of the area.

According to a study conducted by the Gauteng City-Region Observatory, 35% of all respondents said “[we should] send all foreigners home”.

The survey, with more than 25,000 respondents, was conducted on the quality of life in Gauteng to find satisfaction levels with governance.

The South African Human Rights Commission said violence against foreigners in the country should now be referred to as “afrophobia” and not xenophobia with the latest research showing Africans are attacked and not Europeans.

In 2008 violent xenophobic attacks against African immigrants in South Africa displaced thousands.

A number of people were also killed amid mass looting and destruction of foreign-owned homes, property and businesses.


By: Crystal Oderson


  1. Europhobia does exist too. White on white prejudice. Infact all people around the world tend to be prejudiced towards other people. Ethnic, racial whatever!

  2. when the Pakistan’s started opening these tuck shops, south Africans who had tuck shops had to close down because their goods were cheaper naturally customers will flock there. they’re on every corner in all the townships in south Africa. Many South African households depended on the tuck shop business to provide for their families prior to Pakistanis opening tuck shops in the township The Pakistan get goods cheaper they use their asylum seeker papers documents to get discounts so its near impossible that a south African shop owner can compete with them. its been going on for years and years it was a ticking time bomb from the get go, this incident was a perfect tragedy for them to depose them from the townships. with that said the fundamental issues are : Lack of employment SA now has the highest rate of unemployment in the world, another issue is that south Africans have the entitlement mindset, they cant go out there and take risks and most of which is what its killing our country. they see fellow Africans as threats all the time. there are many underlying issues that cause people to act this way and only the state can fix this criminals need to get harsh punishment, people are not afraid of prison in SA some consider it a holiday from life. its worrying really

  3. Black south african is full of shit.They think that only Black is a foregner in their country where there is so many Europeans,yellow baboons,Indians who has S.African I’d,Ethiopeans but they just fight against their black Africans instead of fighting these yellow baboons.Shame on this black S.African people.they don’t even care that their land taken by these European while Europeans have another Land in their country.So they have to stop fighting other African black and be concetrate in their land taken by these yellow ones.


  5. one Nigerian guy was saying that South Africans are stupid by working and he will never work but instead he lives a life of doing Fraud in South Africa by acquiring false Identity documents for other illegal immigrants. Another one once pointed to me a crowd of people and asked me what do I see, I said I see people and he laughed at me and said ‘I see money’. so don’t be saying ‘poor immigrants cause not all of them come in peace with good intentions.

  6. @ Lindo. Your comment is borne out of sentiments. Nathalie has not lived in South Africa and has no knowledge about the reality of the South African society. It is true that some African immigrants are involved in illegal activities. which I do not condone with, but attributing all the crimes in South Africa to African immigrants and referring to them as illegal and super hungry only goes to confirms your hatred as a South African towards African immigrants. In fact crime statistics in South Africa illustrate that most South Africans are involved in crime than their foreign counterparts. From my observation as someone who has lived in South African, I would say that jealousy and ignorance is the cause of all the hatred exhibited by South Africans towards African immigrants. Apart from a few who get involved in criminal activities, most African immigrants in South Africa are very hardworking and contribute to the South African economy with their businesses, which is a source of employment to many South Africans. On the other hand most South Africans are wage earners and depend either on the government for handouts or the private sectors to gain employment to earn a living. Even when they gain employment in the private sector, their attitude towards work make employers prefer to employ their African counterparts. In doing so, they become frustrated and resort to thinking like African immigrants are taking over their jobs. Most South Africans do not even have a clue of what it takes an African immigrant to obtain a work permit before he or she can work in South Africa. Refugees and Asylum seeking African immigrants in South Africa who find it difficult to obtain a work permit are mostly self-employed. Instead of learning from their African counterparts, most South African turn to nurse grievances against them given the retard thinking that Africans immigrants are grabbing opportunities which are meant for them. I once remember, I bought food from a restaurant in South Africa to eat. A South African man begged for some and I told him the one I bought was not sufficient for me. He got angry and called me a KWERI KWERI, a term South Africans have developed towards African immigrants. Thereafter he responded and said to me, that you foreigners from African countries, you leave your poor countries in Africa and come here and eat our food for free. I responded to him and said first I was not from a poor country in Africa. Secondly I told him I was not desperate in South Africa as I have travelled to South Africa as an international student in Stellenbosch University and paying a fee to study in that university which most South Africans would not even afford. Thirdly, I told him that if he knew where food was given for free, why didn’t he go there to get his. I was ready to buy him food because I felt for him as a poor man but because he made that statement, I retained my money. To sum it all, although I hate a few African immigrants who involve themselves in criminal activities, the attitudes of South Africans towards African immigrants disgust me a lot. Out of ignorance, most South Africans think apart from South Africa, the rest of Africa is poor and involve in war. It is common to hear the question that are you from Africa. Some even think South Africa is not in Africa. In this regard, they look down on African immigrants.

  7. Poor immigrants who possess unlicensed firearms. do u know what they’d do to you in their countries if you’re an illegal immigrant caught with an unlicensed gun? South Africa is a haven for immigrants across all walks of life all those who are immigrants are called “My Friend”.

  8. I would have believed you if i don’t know people who were killed like a dog on the street, just because they came from other african countries. you guys have no gut to confront those who robbed your wealth, instead turn to the poor and vulnerable immegrants

  9. I agree, there’s no excuse for the behavior displayed by the looters/killers etc. Though it would be nice to get more information, because more info leads to a better chance at solving the problem.

  10. Good questions Natalia, I doubt most people think that far. Most African Foreigners living here are illegally, the word minimum wage doesn’t exist in their dictionary(understandably so) which retards citezens chances to get employed(why would a greedy me pay my worker the full minimum wage while I can easily get someone to do the same job with half the price). Our African brothers are super hungry and they’d do anything to make ends meat so they end up in drug dealing, illegal prostitution and other illegal activities. Then you come to think about it on the policing perspective, if these Illegal people commite crime how do you go about lauching a man-hunt for a person with no Identity?. I’m typing this roughly(m walkin) but those are some of the challenges that South African face, however they don’t justify the barbaric acts of looting and xenophobia.

  11. Colonial structures maintain themselves, we are little to no rights in the world, the Azanian leadership need to educate us on how to coexist because we are all Bantus and stop carrying on Master’s bidding.

  12. That’s the correct term hence real foreigners are living large while we (blacks) brothers and sisters are hating and killing each other everyday regardless of the fact that non among ourselves is a foreigner whether we where depoted to foreing land or not we are all sons and daughters of the mother land.. I personaly can’t percive how then a black man,woman and child can be seen as a foreigner in their own mother land.. Therefore I strongly believe that Africa is for Africans, India for Indians even Europe must/should be for Europeans only when a black person goes anywhere else other than Africa that’s when I think he/she qualifies to be called a”foreigner” in that particular place… My prayer is that our people (blacks) stop hating each other “HE” Is the foreigner not me and you.. Peace Africa rise,rise,rise mother land.

  13. The Somalian shop owner who was attacked was because he shot and killed a 14 year old child while retaliating to the robbers. If a group of black guys shoot a cop in NY, will the world say blacks are killing whites in America?

  14. No don’t mislead the public. Latest attacks were not against fellow Africans. they were against Pakistanis who took over the country’s local shops and who have no permits. and it was not south africans but criminals who did the acts

  15. I keep hearing, reading and recently watch a video about this. I need a South African to explain to me what going on. Why so much hostility towards Non South African Blacks?

  16. Who cares!! South Africans are cowards for going after their fellow Africans who were there for them when they were being bullied by the Afrikaners, why not go after the Europeans?? Cowards!!

  17. Also, afrophobia in my opinion is the basis of disunity and racism. Xenophobia should be the correct word. Fear or loathe for Africans and all things African, is not indigenously African.

  18. The question is, which Africans? And what sorts of businesses? What is the religion of most of these “foreigners”? Is their money ethical money or blood money? Are the looters below the poverty line? What age are they? Something is wrong here. Do the foreigners respect the natives? Vice versa?