Al-Shabaab Terrorists Mutilates Somali Boy

The Al-Shabaab terrorist group on Thursday said it had amputate the limbs of a Somali boy in Cross after accusing him for committing theft and armed robbery.

Reports said that the punishment of the young boy, whose right hand and left foot were amputated, has taken place on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

Many people have gathered at a square in Alamada a Internally displaced persons camps where the young boy Mohamed Hassan was savagely mutilated by the Islamic terrorist group.

Officials of Al Shabaab said told the crowd that the young boy has committed a gang related crimes by robbing a mobile phone and two pistols from an Al Shabaab member.

He was kidnapped by fighters of the group after extensive security crackdown in parts of the refugee camp just outside of Mogadishu, according to the officials