Al Shabaab’s Reign of Terror Weakening in Somalia

Al Shabaab
The Muslim terror group has killed many Somalis

The terrorist organization of Al Shabaab have continued to lose ground and agents as Somali and African Union forces continue there onslaught on the terrorist group.

Late Saturday night, one Al Shabaab agent was killed in Baidoa and 20 Al Shabaab agents surrendered to Somali forces in the southern region of Gedo on Sunday.

Somali forces in Baidoa killed an Al Shabaab agent carrying explosives after he failed to surrender.

According to government officials in Baidoa – the capital of Bay region – police authorities received intelligence that a man would be committing an attack Saturday night.

A tactical unit was sent to apprehend the man who was caught in the neighborhood Baidoa’s Eye and was shot after he failed to surrender.

Local sources in Baidoa say there were explosives near the man’s body, which was not removed until early Sunday morning.

In February Somali forces backed by Ethiopian troops forced the terror group to flee Baidoa, however Al Shabaab still operates in and around the city, occasionally committing bomb attacks and assassinations. In April, Al Shabaab agents planted a road side bomb near a busy market in Baidoa killing 12 innocent people.

Al Shabaab agents surrender to Somali forces

At least 20 Al Shabaab agents turned themselves into Somali forces stationed in the district of Beledhawo located in Gedo region, where Kenyan, Somali and Ethiopian forces are battling Al Shabaab.

According to Hassan Dheer, a member of the Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP), the men who were equipped with weapons and a technical vehicle surrendered to Somali forces after negotiations with MPs and elders in the region.

MP Hassan told media that the men turned themselves after being promised that they would not be prosecuted for there crimes if they lay downed their arms.

The MP pleaded with Al Shabaab agents to surrender and stop the bloodshed in the region, which was a former stronghold of the Al Shabaab, who have been entrenched in a bloody battle with allied forces.

Al Shabaab have suffered losses of many strongholds in the past month, Somali and Kenyan forces captured the stronghold of Afmadow 60 miles north of Kismayo which was a key town used a trade route for the terror organization.

Military analysts say it may be the end of the terrorist organization’s reign in Somalia.