ANC Policy Proposals Dangerous Say Apartheid Era President FW De Klerk

ANC Policy Proposals Dangerous Say Apartheid Era President FW De Klerk
Monster FW De Klerk

AFRICANGLOBE – Former apartheid era South African President FW De Klerk has labeled some of the ANC’s policy proposals as dangerous, De Klerk was speaking at the FW de Klerk foundation conference in Johannesburg yesterday.

The proposals will be taken to the ruling party’s elective conference in Mangaung. Many are aimed at fast tracking economic reforms.

De Klerk’s “think-tank” is aimed at analysing the ANC’s and governments future policy direction the organisation claims.

Opposition parties and other supporters of the economic status quo gathered to vent their angerat the proposed changed to the current economic order.

Zuma Zille
Leader of the White opposition Helen Zille seen here with Jacob Zuma

The ANC policies on the National Democratic Revolution, state intervention in mining and reducing the number of provinces, were criticised and pegged as failures. The ANC were also blamed for the country’s high unemployment, poverty and social inequality.

Western Cape Premier ad leader of the mostly while Democratic Alliance Helen Zille meanwhile accused the ANC of dirty tricks. She says the proposal to reduce provinces from 9 to 6 is a ploy to baffle the Democratic Alliance.Both Zille and De Klerk supported government’s National Policy Commission report. But the former president said the ANC was at a crossroads. Both leaders called for realignment of the country’s politics.