Really: ANC Politician Compares EFF To Nazis

Really: ANC Politician Compares EFF To Nazis
Gwede Mantashe

AFRICANGLOBE – ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe on Tuesday drew comparisons between the Nazis and Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters.

“(Adolf) Hitler used brown shirts to mobilise people,” he told reporters in Johannesburg.

“The Nazis didn’t start by killing Jews, they started by making promises.”

The EFF has started wearing red overalls and domestic worker attire in legislatures across the country. This resulted in clashes between the party and the Gauteng legislature last week after they were told the workwear which included the word “Asijiki” (we won’t go back) on the back is not appropriate for the legislature.

Mantashe said the EFF was trying to sound revolutionary but its words were hollow.

The emerging trend was worrying and it could undermine democracy.

Mantashe was briefing media following an ANC national working committee meeting held on Monday.


MORE: Malema Threatens To Shut Down Johannesburg

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is planning a mass action big enough to shut down businesses in Johannesburg when his supporters return to protest against the ban on overalls in the Gauteng legislature. Malema’s planned protest will make tomorrow’s rally look like a picnic in the park.

In an interview with the newspaper, Malema stated how influential his party had become in a year.

He went on to say that the EFF is planning another march on the legislature — which would see about 50,000 EFF members attend.

He said: “We will shut down business in this Johannesburg. Once business in Johannesburg is shut down, it means business in the whole of Africa has stopped.”

Meanwhile, Malema addressed thousands of supporters on Saturday at Thokoza Park in Soweto.

They had gathered to celebrate the party’s one year anniversary.

In his address he said that although the EFF was only a year old it was already playing in the big leagues with opponents who had extensive experience.

Malema then chastised the African National Congress.

He said certain leaders of the ANC would not be remembered for the work they did for the public when they died.

“Even if they die, there is nothing you will remember about them except that they were making babies,” said Malema.

He said the formation of the EFF had shaken the political landscape in the country and the ANC was feeling the pressure being exerted by the organisation.

“The ruling party is scared because they understand the message of the EFF,” he said.

Malema said when the organisation was started, people were saying it was a Mickey Mouse venture and it would die out but they proved the naysayers wrong.

“ . . . Now you can’t listen to the media without the mention of the EFF.  That is because EFF is a giant,” Malema said.

He then lashed out at those attacking the party’s regalia of overalls and domestic worker uniforms.

He said people should not be concerned about their attire but rather focus on the ideologies brought forward.

Julius Malema Speech In Parliament Addressing The  SONA 2014 


  1. ANC was established by the west as a controlling force againsts apartheid and africans were simply gamed as pawns and thats why the ANC has not returned real power to the blind masses,this information is in the declassified texts on SAfrica in US congressional library.

  2. David Van Wyk

    Gwede Mantashe is a real liability to the ANC. Today he had his foot in his mouth big time again telling the media that the EFF is fascist because they wear red overalls. My message to this buffoon is that it is not the colour of a person’s shirt or overall that determines if he is fascist or not, it is the policies of the political party that he belongs to. The EFF has stated in its manifesto that it is Marxist Leninist, fascists loath, fear and hate Marxist Leninists. By the way just as Hitler had the brown shirts and the black shirts, various communist parties throughout history wore red shirts, even the SACP. The EFF clearly associates its red overalls with the working class in the form of mine workers, gardeners and domestic workers. Fascists and Nazis despise the working class and its organisations. Nazis and fascists actually shoot (mine) workers, because Nazis and fascists sit on company boards and have corporate shares and establish corporate structures to prevent the class struggle, to undermine worker demands for living wages and decent living conditions. Mr Mantashe should go and look in the mirror if he wants to see a nazi fascist.

  3. Mantashe is a fool! ANC is a total sellout, an Agents of the west. Bodyguards of white supremacy!

    “THE GATE KEEPER: We cannot advance or appropriately defend our interests and lives as an African people if we place the fate of our community in the hands of the educational establishments of our oppressors and enemies, and in the hands of those Africans educated in them. African peoples and African leaders should be the recipients of an African-centered education. NO AFRICAN SHOULD BE GRANTED LEADERSHIP IN THE AFRICAN COMMUNITY who has not been certified through EDUCATION or EXPERIENCE as African-centered in CONSCIOUSNESS, IDENTITY and ORIENTATION.”
    — Dr. Amos Wilson