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ANC Politician ‘Leaving Party Of Thugs’ To Join Malema’s EFF


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AFRICANGLOBE – A former ANC politician has joined the EFF, claiming the governing party in Mpumalanga has been sold to thugs.

Tseko Taabe, who is a businessman, said he served the ANC for the past 29 years, only to see it disintegrate “because of people who use their money to rig elections and stay in power”.

“I served the ANC since the age of 13. I was exposed in the terrible apartheid regime and I have been loyal for the last 29 years. The ANC is the one that taught me what I am now,” he said.

“I’m a local government specialist, served in the second democratic Parliament, but this decision to leave the party comes at a time [when] I realised that I cannot serve a party that is owned by an individual.”

Taabe charged that those running the ANC in Mpumalanga had dodgy political credentials.

“Foreign tendencies have captured the ANC. Hyenas are now ruling the party. I would have continued, but I have realised that I cannot be part of the ANC of factions where real members of the party are persecuted and internal discussions are not allowed.

“You are not allowed to disagree with the leadership in a meeting or bring another view about an issue, which is different from what we were taught in the ANC,” he said.

Taabe said the EFF has been talking to him for the past 12 months.

“I initially refused, thinking there would be some intervention and the ANC will change back to normal, but now I have thought well and I’m taking my experience and my skills to the EFF,” said Taabe.

After serving in the National Assembly, Taabe has been an administrator in a string of municipalities that were placed under administration in the province.

ANC provincial secretary Lucky Ndinisa said the party had become weaker after losing Taabe.

“It always pains us when we lose members, especially of Taabe’s calibre. People whom we have trained and exposed to Parliament, and have been administrators for our municipalities.”

Ndinisa warned defectors against speaking ill of the ANC.

“We can only advise members who are even thinking of leaving the party to please not say things they do not know about the movement so that when they come back we can welcome them with open hands because we know in our lifetime they will come back.”

Ndinisa dismissed Taabe’s allegations that the province is run by a “moneyed monarch”.

“I do not know what these comrades are talking about. If they say the ANC is in the pocket of an individual… he should have a lot of money because the party is growing very fast. He would also have to be a traveller who will reach to all the length and breadth of the province, but that is just not true.”

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