Angered Ugandan Official Vows to Reintroduce Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda anti gay bill
Uganda’s speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Uganda’s speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has vowed to ensure that a proposed bill to outlaw homosexuality will be passed by the House soon.

Kadaga said on arrival at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport on Tuesday evening from an international conference in Canada.

She used the last week’s conference of parliamentary speakers in Canda to defend Uganda’s tough stance against homosexuality.

Her remarks in Canada angered pro-gay groups and excited many anti-homosexual Ugandans.

Kadaga was welcomed by thousands of people at the airport.

The welcome party was organized by local leaders and anti homosexuality groups.

 “You did a good job,” the groups said in a joint statement.

“You defended our cherished cultural values.”

“We want you to ensure that the debate on anti-homosexuality bill takes place.”

Kadaga hit back at the Canadian foreign affairs minister, John Baird after he accused Uganda of creating a hostile environment for sexual minorities (is that a new term?).

“When we came to Canada for this assembly, to which we were invited, we expected respect for our sovereignty, our values and our country,” she was quoted as saying.

“I therefore on behalf of Ugandan delegation and indeed the people of Uganda, protest in the strongest terms the arrogance exhibited by Foreign Affairs minister of Canada who spent most of his time attacking Uganda and promoting homosexuality.


Uganda’s anti homosexuality bill was drafted by a Member of Parliament David Bahati during the last session of parliament in 2011.

The East African country has been under pressure from Western donors who have urged it to drop the law.

“If the donors want to attach their aid to homosexuality then we can do without it,” Kadaga said.

“Africa will soon become a donor to some of the countries, which are giving us aid with condition that we support homosexuality.”