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Angola: Illegal Immigration Poses Threat to National Security


Illegal Immigration Angola
Non-Africans have been flocking to booming Angola in search of job

AFRICANGLOBE – The phenomenon of illegal immigration in Angola lately has reached worrying dimensions, posing a threat to political, economic and social stability, as well as national security, said the country’s Interior minister, Angelo Veiga Tavares on Friday.

The Cabinet minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of the “Seminar on the Problem of Asylum and Refugee Status Right in Angola”.

He said that this phenomenon also endangers the pillars of the organisation of the Angolan State and the values of society.

According to the Cabinet minister, most foreign nationals seeking asylum in Angola do it with interest in engaging in trade activities, illegal exploration and sale of diamonds, coupled with another practice of other types of crimes and indecent behaviour.

He noted that this is a real threat to peace, political, economic development and national security.

Angelo Tavares recalled that the Head of Executive and Commander in Chief of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), José Eduardo dos Santos, has created the Interministerial Commission for the Study and Review of the Law 8/90 of 26 May on the Status of Refugees.

The purpose is to draft a diagnosis on the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Angola.

The minister, who is also the coordinator of the referred Interministerial Commission, said that the objective is to know he relationship between immigration and the political, economic and social reality, using methodologies of collection and linking of statistical data,

interviews, visits to the sheltering centers and refugee camps, among other actions.


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