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Anti-Government Protests Sweep Egypt


Anti-Government Protests Sweep Egypt
Anti-Morsi Prosters


Hundreds of protesters gathered at Tahrir Square on Sunday, chanting against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Mursi.

Egyptian flags and banners opposing Mursi’s government were seen raised in Tahrir Square while protesters set up a podium for different speakers to chant slogans.

Mursi supporters and security personnel were both absent from the scene, but a heavy presence of street vendors was noticed.


Hundreds of protesters gathered outside al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque on Sunday, chanting against Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The protesters carried banners which read “leave!” and “the people want to bring down the regime” – both slogans were popular during the 2011 uprising that brought down Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

Some protesters blocked two lanes of the Courniche Road while other streets were almost empty of cars.

No security personnel could be seen within sight.


Around 400 protesters gathered at al-Arba’een Square, demanding the ouster of the president, on Sunday.

Protesters closed down al-Giesh Road leading to the square, which resulted in quarrels with minibus drivers.

Suez’s security department issued a statement confirming that it will not side with any of the sides while the army insisted that it will not fire any gunshots at demonstrators.

The army stressed that its role is limited to securing public property and vital installations.

The Third Army’s field commander inspected security checkpoints at the strategic area surrounding the Suez Canal.

Heavy security presence was seen at ports, oil companies and the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which connects Suez to Sinai.

Freedom and Justice Party Spokesman Ahmed Radwan said that the president’s supporters will gather at Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya Square and will not be present at Suez in order to avoid clashes.


Around 100 protesters gathered at Palace Square, chanting against the regime and the Brotherhood, on Sunday.

Around 500 lawyers, who launched a rally from the courts’ complex in Minya, also chanted against the Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood youth in Minya formed popular committees to protect the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party.

An Aswat Masriya witness observed heavy security presence around vital installations.

Minya’s security department issued a statement confirming that its role is limited to securing the demonstrations and that it stands at the same distance from all political groups.


A calm atmosphere prevailed in the governorate on Sunday unlike in other locations around the Egypt.


Protesters have blocked the governorate’s main building and prevented employees from entry since the morning.

Security forces withdrew from outside the governorate building while a number of protesters have announced a sit-in at al-Horreyah Square outside the City Council and blocked the Cairo-Alexandria road.


A calm atmosphere prevailed in the governorate on Sunday while a heavy security presence could be seen.

Freedom and justice Party youth formed popular committees to secure the party’s headquarters while banks and government offices operated regularly amid a low turnout of citizens.


Around a thousand demonstrators gathered at al-Sa’a Square on Sunday, chanting against the president and the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide.

Shops in al-Sa’a Square were shut down while protesters threw out Governor Tariq Khedr from the square, chanting “leave!”

Roads were almost empty of cars amid a weak security presence.


Dozens of demonstrators rallied at the governorate’s city council on Sunday, chanting slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party.

Scores of al-Houd al-Taweel Village residents cut Belbis-Minya al-Qamh road and demanded the ouster of the president.

An Aswat Masriya eyewitness reported an absence of security.

Kafr al-Sheikh:

Anti-Mursi demonstrators sealed several city councils in the governorate with locks and chains and put up”No entry until the Muslim Brotherhood leaves” posters on them.

Hundreds marching and carrying anti-Mursi posters heard gunshots coming from a building on al-Istad al-Riadi Street.

In Nasr Square, the demonstrators set up a large platform and chanted slogans calling for the toppling of the president.

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