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Arab Couple Accused Of Torturing And Killing Ethiopian Woman


AFRICANGLOBE – An Arab husband and wife who tricked an Ethiopian woman into working for them for no pay eventually tortured her to death and burnt her body with chemicals, a court heard on Tuesday.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard that the Ethiopian woman who worked as a maid was believed to be working for the Palestinian couple illegally. The couple had not been paying the maid’s wages, it was alleged.

Prosecution lawyers said that on the day of the alleged murder, a fight broke out between the wife and the maid.

She then assaulted the maid so severely with a cane that she died. Then the husband poured a chemical substance on her body in a bid to hide her identity.

He then wrapped the body in white fabric, placed it in a suitcase and put it in the boot of their car. That night they drove to the Al Ajban desert in Abu Dhabi to dispose of the body.

It was not clear from records why the fight broke out or when this happened.

Despite the body being badly burned by the chemicals, officers were able to discover the identity of the victim, which led them to the accused.

The two have been charged with murder, keeping the maid prisoner in their house for a month and torturing her.

Both denied the charges and the case was adjourned until September 17.


By: Haneen Dajani


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