Arab Militia Raping Children in Darfur

Three minor girls in Garsila and another in Kas were gang raped by government-backed Arab militia wearing military uniforms in two separate incidents on Sunday, sources in Darfur reported.

While the three girls in Mando area of West Darfur were aged between 13 and 15 years of age, the victim in Kas, South Darfur was 16 years old.

A relative of the three teenage girls in Mando said that, “An armed group wearing military uniforms intercepted the three girls who were on their way from the village to collect firewood. They then arrested them and raped them for an entire day.” The girls weren’t released until the next day.

A relative of the 16-year-old victim in Kas also stated that the six gunmen who attacked the girl were wearing military uniforms. “Four of them were riding on camels and two others on horses. The girl was with her mother on her way back from the farm to the village,” the relative said.

It was then that the armed group intercepted them and arrested them. The group took turns raping her  for the next 12 hours, the childs mother was also physically assaulted. Government backed Arab militia have frequently used rape and castration as a tool of war in Darfur.