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AU Troops Delivers Food and Supplies To IDP Camps in Mogadishu


The African Union Mission in Somalia has on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day handed over food  and supplies to local officials for distribution to internally displaced persons in the famine-stricken Somali capital.

Mr Abdul Diabagate, AMISOM’s Senior Humanitarian Affairs Officer, and Lt Col. Kaamurari Katwekyeire, head of the mission’s Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC), delivered the supplies to Wardhiigley district to be shared out among 8 IDP camps in the area.

Working with a local NGO, the Somali Relief, Rehabilitaton and Development Organisation (SORRDO), AMISOM had previously conducted needs assessments in the camps and the donated food is enough to feed thousands of the most needy.

On hand to receive the food was SORRDO’s programme officer, Mr. Mohammed Haji Omar, Wardhiigley District Commissioner, Mrs. Deeg Abdikadir Ahmed, and the Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu, Mr. Mohammed Iman Ikar.
SORRDO, which has been working in Somalia for 15 years, will organise the distribution of the food to the IDPs.
Mr Diabagate said that AMISOM was committed to fulfilling its mandate to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the people of Mogadishu. “We are doing all in our power to help our Somali brothers at this difficult time. The need is great and we stand ready to help in any way we can to ensure that food reaches those who need it.”

“I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of AMISOM leadership to thank the AU for their generous donation. I wish to also thank the AMISOM Military Component for their work in Mogadishu which has created a relatively safe environment for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to vulnerable communities of Mogadishu,” he added.

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