Six Basic Facts White Settlers In South Africa Must Know

Six Basic Facts White Settlers In South Africa Must Know
In South Africa nothing has changed since the end of apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE – There are some very simple basic facts that white people need to come to terms with if they wish to continue living in Africa in general and South Africa in particular:

  1. People of European descent are a minority in Africa in general and South Africa in particular, and as a minority they cannot claim any rights, privileges or entitlements beyond that which all citizens have.
  2. There is nowhere in Europe, or the world where the land belongs to a minority. If the land belongs to all then we should simply nationalise the land and put it under social control, implying that decision making will be democratic and if democratic the decisions of the majority will prevail.
  3. Nowhere in Europe is the economy of any country owned and controlled by black Africans, therefore to expect any African economy to be owned and controlled by a white minority of European descent is unreasonable and unacceptable.
  4. Nowhere in the world are people excluded from public spaces on the basis of colour or race (except in Israel, and previously South Africa under Apartheid). So to be offended when the black majority of South Africans have a good time on the beach, for example, is simply not acceptable. This is Africa after all and the majority of people are African.
  5. It is time for white South Africans to stop expecting to be privileged based on their skin colour and to be entitled to rights and privileges based on skin colour.
  6. White South Africans must not be selective in their civic actions and behaviours, protesting only over those things that affect them as a group while showing no interest in the plight or conditions of others, their lack of empathy and involvement in common struggles and issues is reflective of their class status in society and the general convergence of wealth and race.