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Why Black Pain Is Rarely Acknowledged?


Why Black Pain Is Rarely Acknowledged?
Son of one of terrorist Dylann Roof’s victims forgiving the monster who murdered his mother and at the same time inadvertently green lighting the murder of future Black victims.

AFRICANGLOBE – When the terrorist attack happened in America where 9 Black people were killed by one white terrorist, a week after the incident one of the victim’s family members forgave him.

It was a child of one of the women who was killed. At the media briefing he stood with his all white baseball team mates behind him forming a wall of support or a cage whichever way you see it, and there he was a sole drop of blackness forgiving his mother’s murderer.

When hate crimes are done against Black people an emphasis is always put on them forgiving the perpetrator. Black people must always be the bigger person and when they continue to talk about their plight they get accused of playing the victim.

‘’Get over it” they’re told.

Black people are never given the chance to heal. In this country we had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and instead of answers and healing, people received showboating and empty promises.

Black people were given a plaster to put over the bullet wound that was apartheid and a lollipop dream of a ‘rainbow nation

As long as they were sucking on the rainbow nation dream they could not feel the hurt of the seeping wound.

Certain white people never acknowledged how apartheid could have hurt Black people emotionally, how apartheid affected the race physiologically.

The group of caucasians I’m referring to are the same ones that you’ll see tweeting to the City of Joburg account how better things were during apartheid and sharing the vitriol that is spewed by all those white genocide pages.

They’ll be the ones sharing a meme of Hector Pietersen being compared to a burly instigator with a bleeding brow. These people will be the ones pushing a thumb into the Black race’s wound. Pressing and pouring salt into it until Black people can’t stand the hurt any longer.

In 2014 the New York Times magazine published an article about a study which showed that certain white people think Black people are magical.

Yes magical..

Why Black Pain Is Rarely Acknowledged?
Germans committing genocide in Namibia.

These white people attributed super speed and super strength to Black people. Not a problem for some expect for the fact that well, if Black people are super beings, nothing can hurt them. This is especially problematic because one of the things those studied seemed to believe is that Black people are less sensitive to pain.

In Africa we don’t have that problem, because here Black people are seen by others as animals; think Penny Sparrow.

Animals are things to be kept away from humans unless they’re properly trained to be around them . Trained to react, to sit, to work and to act a certain way.

Animals certainly don’t have feeling or emotions to hurt.

‘But even a worm will turn’ as the saying goes. The recent spate of public reaction to incidents of racism in south Africa is very telling. Perhaps it is time real healing commenced, and silo’s are broken down so the hereditary scars are healed and the nation is really one.


By: Londiwe Dlomo


Namibia Genocide And Germany’s Second Reich

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