Breaking News – Sudan Protests Start Amid Reports of Crackdown

Sudan protesters
Protesters in Khartoum clash with police

Protests broke out as planned following Friday’s prayer in different parts of Sudan’s capital Khartoum as well as two regional towns amid reports of severe crackdown by police and security forces.

First outbreak of demonstrations was reported in Wad Nubawi Mosque in Khartoum’s sister-city of Omdurman where around 700 protesters including members of the Ansar sect of the opposition National Umma Party (NUP) started chanting slogans calling for the downfall of the government as soon as the prayer ended.

Witnesses said that police forces supported by plain-cloth security agents fired heavy teargas and rubber bullets on the protesters inside the mosque.

Activists say that the protests are currently spreading across other parts of Omdurman, including Ombada area.

Simultaneously, protests erupted in Al-Haj Youssef and Shambat neighborhoods in Khartoum North town known as Bahri, where activists say police and security agents are firing heavy teargas and arresting protesters.

Activists are also reporting that demonstrations erupted following Friday prayer in the central market in Kassala town in the eastern region as well as in Al-Obayid town in North Kordofan State.

The current protest movement in Sudan started two weeks ago as the government moved to implement a set of anti-austerity measures including cuts of fuel subsides in order to make up for what officials say is a budget deficit of 2.4 billion US dollars.

Since then, the protests have been widening with protesters across several parts of the country burning tires, blocking roads and chanting slogans calling for the downfall of the government.

More updates to follow.