BREAKING NEWS: Sudan’s Military Deposes Dictator Omar Al-Bashir

BREAKING NEWS: Sudan's Military Deposes Dictator Omar Al-Bashir
Sudan has been ruled by an Arab minority intent on creating a new Arab country in Africa by committing genocide against its African population.

AFRICANGLOBE – Sudan’s military has announced that long time president Omar Al-Bashir has been arrested and taken to a safe place. His nearly 30 years as president of Sudan was brought to and end by the military today.


Speaking on state TV, Defense Minister Awad Ibn Ouf, said the a military transitional council will be in charge of a two-year transitional period – under his leadership – followed by elections. He also declared a three-month state of emergency.

Thanking Allah, the military and the people of Sudan for the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, the minister declared the Constitution suspended, that border crossings will be closed till further notice, and the country’s airspace will remain closed for the next 24 hours.

President Al-Bashir who is the subject of an international arrest warrant came to power in a 1989 coup. Street protests to end his rule have been rocking the country since late last year.