Britain Deports 120 Nigerians in Cargo Plane

U.K. border agents

The British Government has deported no fewer than 120 Nigerians from the U.K. for various immigration offenses according to reports.

The deportees arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja in Lagos in the early hours of Friday. The deportees were airlifted back home aboard a chartered cargo aircraft that landed at the cargo section of the international airport.

A reliable source told newsmen that the deportees were brought home in the early hours, so as not to draw undue attention and public outrage.

The deportees, comprising mainly young men and women, narrated their unsavoury experiences at the hands at the U.K. Border Agency authorities, saying that they were brought back home unprepared and uninformed by the British authorities.

Many of them were reportedly busy, making telephone calls to their friends and relations on how to pick them at the airport.

The source said that the deportees also made frantic efforts to move their luggage which were packed in ‘plastic bags from the cargo wing of the airport to the airport’s main gate, preparatory to finding their ways out of the airport.

Some of the deportees were said to have expressed reservations over the way and manner they were brought home in a cargo aircraft.

Scores of airport workers stopped by to interact with their fellow Nigerians, as some of them narrated their ugly experiences and not knowing what exactly to fall back on, now that they had returned to a country they left many years ago.

One of the men, Mr. Wale, blamed the Nigerian government for his predicament as well as his other colleagues, stressing that if the country’s economic situation were pleasant, Nigerians would not have any reason to travel abroad to be humiliated just for trying to survive. Wale said : “ How do I cope now that we have been sent home unprepared?”

A young lady, who declined to give her name said: “I am not interested in discussing why we were brought back home but my problem now is how to get out of this airport without drawing unusual attention.