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Britain’s Risky Political Policy: UK Mitigates Ramifications of Uhuru Win In Kenya


UK mitigates policy damage in Kenya
Foreign forces including the U.S. and U.K. were hellbent on stopping the election of Uhuru Kenyatta

AFRICANGLOBE – The risk for the UK is that it is seen as trying to impose “White man’s justice” whereas it has crucialmutual relationship with Kenya.

British lawmakers have warned their diplomats inKenya to carefully place in good stead the British strategic interests in Kenya, in reference to political events and situations in the African military and economic power house.

Intelligence analysis of key points in British policies identifies a common view by legislators in reference to Kenyan politics and a spat between those elected in office and the British ambassador to Kenya, Christian Turner.

Key Points

Kenya is at the center of international efforts to ensure the security of most European and American citizens.

Somalia’s stability and new institutions of governance is much a product of Kenya’s leadership role.

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta won by almost seven points on an 86% turnout in an election that was regarded by observers as fair and free.

UK diplomats had sought to encourage a Raila Odinga win and that they had made comments during the tallying process that had seemed to work towards enabling a second-round run-off, but no source whatsoever serves as reasonable evidence of such a public bias.

British MP’s are aware that many security and legal experts say that much of the evidence against Uhuru Kenyatta in the case brought against him by the compromised International Criminal Court comes from a compromised source.


A Critical analysis of these key points, all which have been factored in a parliamentary writ are indicative of a strategic shift in policy with regard to Kenya.

The risk for the UK is that it is seen as trying to impose “White man’s justice” in Kenya is in itself, a confirmation of existence of elements of covert activities in Kenya as alleged, and of course, which is equally difficult to prove they exist.

The British parliament has comprehensively discussed all manner of scenarios with the view that the government should remain impartial in Kenya and that, in that way, British strategic partnership with Kenya remains safe.

The military cooperation and the geo-strategic value of Kenya is far much important to the British hence, they will not take risks that will injure relations with Kenya to an extent of losing its influence in the region.

This new approach with reference to some aspects British crucial mutual relationship with Kenya is indicative of a shift in policy with lawmakers obliged to support those elected in office in Kenya as a way to mitigate risks posed to these strategic assets and mutual relations.

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