Why You Should Buy Granulator Blades Made in South Africa

Why You Should Buy Granulator Blades Made in South Africa

Finding a reliable granulator blades manufacturer can prove to be a daunting task if you’re involved in the plastic industry. With that said, Zanogen is well known for their ability to manufacture high quality products with blades which are honed to such an extent that they exceed industry standards. In fact, the Zanogen brand has millions of satisfied customers around the world.

By doing your research, you’ll find that Zanogen has experience working for all types of industries. The company has supplied their products to the timber, steel, paper, leather, and of course plastic industry. This means that they have focused on providing products meet the needs of all kinds of companies, especially when it comes to granulator blades.

The company can manufacture according to the client’s specifications. All that is required is that you provide them the necessary samples and measurements. If the client does not have a clear idea on what specs to follow, they can access the company’s library to help figure out which blades they need for their machines and manufacturers.

Even though there are several companies manufacturing granulator blades for the plastic industry, businesses should certainly consider using a South African based manufacturer. The bottom line is; South African manufacturers can produce the best quality blades at a reduced cost.

W. Fearnehough Africa is one South African manufacturer that opened for business in 1832, and since then, they have established an impeccable record. The South African branch opened way back in 1952, and today it’s the company’s main headquarters.

W. Fearnehough Africa is one of the few granulator blade manufacturers to make use of their own heat treatment plan rather than outsourcing that aspect of the business. Essentially, this means the company maintains total control over the quality of their products. Furthermore, because the company also offers a sharpening service, they have unsurpassed experience in every aspect of the manufacturing process.

One example of this is that they use honing in order to finish the knives they make. Honing is of paramount importance in order to achieve the ultimate cutting edge on a blade. By using honing, the company is also able to increase the life span of the blades they manufacture, simply because the blades maintain their cutting edge, which in turn means less frequent sharpening. Investing your money in Zanogen knives is by all accounts good business strategy because it means you get more value for your money.

This manufacturing company also produces pellettizer blades, rasper blades, parrison, and agglomerators for the plastic industry. Even if you have some other blades you need produced to your specifications, you can get it done and expect high quality products that go beyond products manufactured by other companies.

To sum it all up; if you’re currently involved in the plastic industry and you require custom made granulator knives for your machinery, then you should seriously consider using W. Fearnehough. After all, the company has an incredibly long history, and this in turn means they are able to fully understand the needs of their clients. Most importantly of all is the fact that they remain devoted to producing only the best quality products so that your business in turn can function with maximum efficiency.

W Fearnehough are a Granulator Blade Manufacturer, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. They produce the Zanogen range of machine knives and blades. To get more information, click on Granulator Blades