Civil Disobedience In Sudan And The Nubian Struggle

Civil Disobedience In Sudan And The Nubian Struggle
Nubians are the native people of Egypt and northern Sudan.

AFRICANGLOBE – The governments of Sudan and Egypt are executing a well thought out plan of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of Nubians. Nubian land is being sold to foreign investors, going against the international laws that call for the protection of indigenous people. The Nubians need the support of the rest of the citizens of Sudan and Egypt and the international community. History is repeating itself.

The people of Sudan are on a three-day civil disobedience movement that began Sunday Nov.27 th and will continue through today Tuesday, Nov. 29th.

For 27 years, the people of Sudan have been oppressed under the government of Omar AlBashir. We have finally said enough! Too many lives have been lost, too much money has been stolen, and too many dreams have been shattered. The current regime has committed and continues to commit atrocities such as the genocide in Darfur, daily bombing of the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile regions, threats of building dams and forcing the Nubians in the north to relocate, and is directly held responsible for the split of our beloved South Sudan.

More recently the criminals of the NCP have raised the prices of medicine by nearly 300%. The idea of the civil disobedience is to hit the government where it hurts, their pockets. The three day civil disobedience has united the people of Sudan more than ever, it has planted a seed of hope in our hearts, and most importantly it is teaching us to organize. Of course the media in Sudan is doing everything they can to keep this hidden. We are using the hashtags #SudanCivilDisobedience in English and #العصيان_المدني_السوداني_في_يومه_الثاني in Arabic.

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By: Ramey Dawoud