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Darfur Refugee Camps Attacked By Arab Militia

Armed Arab Militiamen in Land Cruiser cars opened heavy fires at Khams Dagaig camp (Zalingei, West-Darfur) on Sunday, sparking terror and fear among the residents.

The Zalingei camps’ coordinator accused the government of being behind the incident, and stated to have informed UNAMID of the attack. No procedure seems to have been initiated by the Mission in response so far, and the coordinator appealed to UNAMID to play its role as a protector of civilians against random attacks.

On a similar note, Sheikh Adam Abakr Gosh, who supervises Hamidiya camp’s Block 7, was beaten up by a group of Arab men as he was returning from Zalingei to the camp. The armed men are said to have striped the sheikh off his clothes, beat him and taken all his belongings.

West-Darfur is not the only region affected by random attacks, as armed men opened heavy fires in all three Seraf Umra camps (Donkoj, Naseem and Jebel), North Darfur. The operation triggered panic and fear among the inhabitants. The coordinator of Seraf Umra’s camps also accused the government of masterminding the attacks, suspecting it from resorting to affiliated groups to carry them out.

Leading figures from the targeted camps stated that the firing started at Naseem camp, moved on to Jebel camp to finally reach the Donkoj camp for displaced people. One of the camps’ leaders in Seraf Umra said that UNAMID has been informed of the incident, but that its officials had explained that nothing could be done without prior permission from the Sudanese police force or the Seraf Umra commissioner.

In Zamzam camp, soldiers from the central back-up forces – also known as Abu Tira- attacked a displaced person using the ends of their rifles in Zamzam market on Monday afternoon. The incident happened in front of a crowd of people, with the motives behind the attack remaining unclear.

Witnesses Said that the soldiers left the displaced person drowning in his blood before opening heavy fires randomly in the air. Traders from the market were forced to close their shops as displaced people complained of repeated violations carried out by Abu Tira forces, appealing to UNAMID and the UN to protect the camp’s residents from such attacks.

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