Darfur Woman Severely Beaten for Resisting Rape

Darfuri Rape
Darfur women are routine raped by Arab militias

A Darfur woman was severely beaten in Artala, Central Darfur after an attempted rape by a policeman affiliated with the Abu Tira militia failed.

Witnesses said that the policeman tried to rape the woman but she managed to resist. He then violently attacked and severely beat the woman.

The women was then taken to hospital for treatment for her injuries.

The witnesses complained about Abu Tira militia, also known as central reserve forces and other pro-government Arab militia carrying out attacks in the region against civilians and demanded protection and security from the relevant authorities.

Girl 13 raped by Janjaweed

In another incident three gunmen loyal to the government raped a girl aged 13 near Armenkol market in West Darfur on Monday.

Witnesses stated that the attack happened close to the police station, but they refused to do anything about it.

They said the three men threatened the girl at gunpoint as she entered the market, and silently forced her to go with them outside the market where they took turns raping her.

The witnesses said the police found the men and the girl but let them go when a relative led the girl away.

They criticised local authorities for failing to provide protection and not even to hold those responsible accountable.

They also demanded the UN mission in Darfur step in to the void and immediately provide security for displaced people that continue to come under attack.

Woman’s fingers cut off for saving girl

In yet another incident of rape Arab militiamen cut off the fingers off a woman as she tried to protect an 11 year old girl from rape in Hamidiya camp, Central Darfur on Tuesday.

Witnesses said the woman went out with the girl to collect firewoord when the three men tried to attack the girl.

She stood up to the gunmen as the girl managed to escape they then cut off the woman’s fingers with a knife and fled.

Witnesses said the woman aged 65 received treatment at a clinic in the camp.

They urged the joint UN/African Union Mission in Darfur to accompany women and protect them when they venture out of the camp to fetch firewood and water.