Deadly Clashes Erupted in Egypt killing 11 Wounding Dozens

Egypt clashes
Egypt has seen a rise in instability and violence

Egypt’s central army forces have moved to disperse violent clashes that have resulted in the death of 11 citizens by Egypt’s Defence Ministry in Abassiya.

Eight armored vehicles arrived to the scene, an army statement said, adding that armed forces were attacked by protesters during their attempt to halt the confrontations.

The peaceful sit-in started six days ago by supporters of the disqualified ultra orthodox candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, but other activists who are also against military rule soon joined them. A series of attacks against the protesters by unknown assailants had erupted on Monday evening. The protesters described the attackers as “thugs”.

Eleven citizens were killed by unknown assailants in the clashes, among them a Medicine student, according to reports.

In conflicted news, Egypt’s Health Ministry announced Wednesday morning that five citizens were killed while more than a 100 were injured.

Ex-Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday in protest against the attack on protesters.

Aboul Fotouh said, “I declare the suspension of my campaign today… parliament must wake interior minister to do his job.”

Aboul Fotouh added “The state is obliged to protect peaceful sit-ins… it is not the role of citizens to resist attempts to disperse sit-ins on a daily basis.”

Similarly, Nasserist presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi said, “we will not tolerate the continuation of this bloodbath and violation of people’s right to peaceful demonstration”, he also added that the authorities are responsible for the protesters’ safety.

Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Mursi, also suspended his campaign for two days in protest against the clashes, reported the Brotherhood’s official website.

Meanwhile, former UN watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei said on his Twitter account, “SCAF & Government unable to protect civilians or in cahoots with thugs. Egypt going down the drain.” ElBaradei said.

Tension has filled the streets leading to Abassiya since confrontations kicked off amid gunshots and rubber bullets.