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Dear Britain, Africa Does Not Need Your Abortion Money


Dear Britain, Africa Does Not Need Your Abortion Money
Europeans have never given up on their genocidal intentions towards Black people.

AFRICANGLOBE – Britain’s Prim Minister Theresa May has offered £200 Million to Africa for ABORTIONS in her recent trip to the continent where she visited South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. It is in Kenya, her last country to visit that she made the ridiculous offer.

The British Prime Minister is not fresh to controversy as she perpetrates her neo-colonialism tendencies. Just recently at the Common Wealth heads meeting in London she asked Africa to review her homosexuality laws in support of gay and lesbian “marriages”

It would be expected that a lady of Theresa May’s stature and exposure would want to familiarize herself with what Africa needs before making commitments that not only seem offensive to Africans but are also misplaced.

Kenya has been looking for funds to build her railway systems, improve her health sector (especially build a cancer center), improve her maternal health care, education system etc but the remarkable investement that Mrs. May made was in killing African babies.

Britain has been very supportive of Marie Stopes, a global abortion provider affiliated to International Planned Parenthood Federation. This new funding to Marie Stopes is not only misplaced but is a mockery to what many African’s stand for.

Most African countries have very pro-life laws, they hold that life begins at conception and should be defended, promoted, and protected until natural death. This though offends so many western cultural imperialists like Theresa May who benefit from the abortion industry.

We call upon President Uhuru Kenyatta , President Muhammadu Buhari to reject any aid from Theresa May until she calls off the multi million funds she just donated to fund masscare of African children.

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