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U.S. Drone Strike Kills The Leader Of Al Shabaab?


Al Shabaab Announces The Death Of Their Leader Ahmed Godane
al-Shabaab terrorists have killed thousands of Somalis

AFRICANGLOBE – A twitter which belongs to Al Shabaab announced the demise of their overall leader Ahmed Godane. This comes days after American drones attacked and stroke the leaders of Alshabaab in Southern Somalia.

However, Godane was not seen in public since the bombardment which took place near Sablale on Monday night. Reuters added that since then he was not talking on media to falsify the claims that he might be dead.

The director of Heritage Institute in Mogadishu said if he is dead that may be a game changer. Al Shabaab leaders have not spoken about whether their leader is dead or alive. However, earlier media reports said the overall leader of Al Shabaab Ahmed Godane survived the drone attack. They said Ahmed left the scene that was stroke moments before the attack. The drones attacked a forest near Sablaale town which is 170km away from Mogadishu.

Ahmed Godane studied in Afghanistan in 1990s. This is not the first time American planes targeted Al Shabaab leader. Last year, they killed two Al Shabaab leaders in Southern Somalia. In 2008, Adan Hashi Ayrow who was the leader of Al Shabaab at the time was killed in bombardment by US forces in central Somalia.


Al Shabaab Leader Confirmed Dead

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