EFF Is The Best Possible Answer To South Africa’s Problems

EFF Is The Best Possible Answer To South Africa's Problems
Julius Malema during the launch of the EFF in Marikana

AFRICANGLOBE – I’m still amazed why South Africans keep on saying mine strikes are unreasonable.

Amplats spokesperson Mpumi Sithole said the strikes were causing lost platinum production of about 4,000 ounces per day at the affected mines. This equated to around R100m lost revenue per day at market prices. R100m rand can pay salaries of striking miners a month.

Change is painful but change is going to come, after 2014 elections for sure there is going to be a new land… scape of politics in South Africa. Wiekus Kotze said.

So if you are not willing to give or share what you have, it’s going to be very painful for Whites. So we need to come to the table, if African people wanted to do anything to us as Whites during apartheid they would have done it in 1994. Africans had all the reasons, but look, Blacks were not anti-Whites, but we can’t ignore what happened historically and we need to come to terms with that.

The sooner we as White appreciate that we have caused so much pain to African people, the better. we need to know that. We as Whites must never behave like nothing happened. That’s the problem, we want to behave like nothing happened, and we want to say to people, put everything behind – we can’t, we can’t. Never ever try to push African people to put everything behind because you’re going to force them to pretend to us and once we are pretentious the anger in them is going to boil. And then it will explode. Wiekus continued.

I’m sorry to all South Africans, who still ignore the truth of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) because is started by Julius Malema.

Blacks and Whites who want to see South Africa’s economy grow and become stable will vote for the EFF.

The EFF is the best possible answer to all crisis covered South Africa’s economy. How many strike (for salaries and service delivery) if you are able to count a day.

Julius Malema at Mbombela said to the people “When you get to the ballot paper, you will see Zuma’s head. Before you vote for EFF, start by addressing him.” “Say president Zuma, before I vote for EFF, let me address you. You must tell your cows for which you built a R1 million kraal to vote for you” “These houses which we are handing over today, do not cost R500,000 like the Makhumalo Spaza shop in Nkandla. “If you want more spaza shops for Zuma’s 8 wives, vote for him, if you want more 1 million rand kraals and 2.5 million rand swimming pools vote for him, because that is where your money goes.

“They came to Mbombela and promised people six million jobs in five years, while they failed to produce jobs in 20 years. “In that period (20 years) we didn’t create jobs, but lost 1.4 million jobs. How can they say they are going to create jobs in five years?” “I’m telling you, you see it on TV and think it will never happen to you, it’s coming here. These cops will kill all of you. “They came to Marikana and in two years we still don’t know what happened. Now the people of Brits want water but they are met with death from the police.

“If the police killed at least 4 White people, I am telling you, Jacob Zuma would not be president and SA would be sanctioned internationally  “A life of a Black man is a worthless life according to this government, that’s why they kill unashamedly” “They started with Andries Tatane and said there’s no evidence and the police walked free  “You must never again vote for ANC, who continue to kill you for demanding your rights. Never!”

“They say nationalization will make South Africa like Zimbabwe but you’re not as educated as Zimbabweans. “Our sisters need jobs, not child grants. They’re not proud queuing with gogos.”

Julius Malema is the best leader of the moment. you need to evaluate yourself if you still ignoring the truth.


By: Collen Matsheke


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