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EFF Claims Foul Play In South African Election Results


EFF Claims Foul Play In South African Election Results
Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters

AFRICANGLOBE – The Economic Freedom Fighters called on Thursday night for an audit of the elections and votes in Gauteng.

“There are many incidents of lost ballots and ballots found in bins across Gauteng, and it appears that the IEC is colluding with the ANC to prevent the reality that the ANC might go below 50 percent in Gauteng,” EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.

He said that during the counting of the voting results, the numbers for the ANC in Gauteng were dwindling.

“At exactly 5.59pm the ANC was at 50.21 percent of the Gauteng vote and immediately after that, the Gauteng results started to slow down and almost came to an absolute halt because the ANC was heading towards below 50 percent of the Gauteng vote,” Ndlozi said.

He said the party suspected foul play.

The EFF was demanding the immediate release of the Gauteng results by the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC).

“The IEC should at least have the decency to explain to the EFF why results are being delayed and stop conniving with the ruling party,” he said.

Ndlozi said the provincial leadership had approached the electoral officer to demand an explanation as to why the results in Gauteng were not streaming in, because all voting districts had been counted and captured.

“The provincial elections officer could not give an adequate response and chose to lie that capturing was continuing while such was not the case,” he said.

The party also contacted the chief electoral officer but he refused to meet the party’s national leadership, Ndlozi said.

He said the party was demanding an explanation from the Gauteng provincial elections officer and chief electoral officer.

“The rest of the other issues we have identified about election irregularities will be raised once the final results have been counted in,” Ndlozi said.

Update: SABC Predicts 23 EFF Seats

The EFF could secure 23 seats in Parliament in its debut election, according to the latest SABC predictions on Thursday night.This would see the Economic Freedom Fighters get nearly three times the number of Inkatha Freedom Party seats, nine according to the SABC, down from 18.

The African National Congress would lose three seats to settle at 261, while the Democratic Alliance would hold 90, 23 more than it secured in the 2009 general elections. The SABC foresaw the National Freedom Party, which did not contest the last elections, securing seven parliamentary seats.

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