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Egypt Going Through ‘Big Calamity’

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AFRICANGLOBE – Egypt is going through a “big calamity” with a machine that promotes lies and the new Islam, founder of the Constitution Party and former secretary general of the Arab League Amr Moussa has said.

Moussa said he rejected an offer from the former ruling military council to form the cabinet during the transitional phase, adding that the council did not back him as a candidate during last year’s presidential elections.

In an interview with an Egyptian newspaper published on the Conference Party’s official Facebook page, Moussa stated that the military council “seamlessly steered Egypt through the transitional phase”.

Moussa, member of the National Salvation Front, called for establishing the front last November on the same day President Mohamed Mursi decreed the constitutional declaration.

In response to the current Islamist attack on him, Moussa said, “Those who try to make personal gains out of the revolution belong to a whole current that speaks for the revolution yet has nothing to do with it.”

Moussa expected that the front and its parties will be strongly present in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

He denied claims that the front is conspiring to topple Mursi before the end of his term.

Being on the opposition does not mean we are conspiring, Moussa stated.

“There seems to be a new Islam, and traditional galabeya robes are not the core of Islam,” he said.

Moussa confessed that some of his colleagues at the front blamed him for his proposed initiative to form an emergency government.

“Some have blamed me for the initiative assuming that I am helping the regime, but in fact I am helping Egypt,” Moussa added.

Moussa had previously called for forming an emergency government for one year.

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