Egypt Heading Towards Civil War – Vladimir Putin

Egypt Heading Towards Civil War - Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

AFRICANGLOBE – Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Egypt is on the path to civil war with the turmoil the country has found itself in over the past week.

While visiting Kazakhstan, The Russian President made the following remarks on the situation in Egypt:

Syria is already in the grips of a civil war, unfortunately enough, and Egypt is moving in that direction.

On Friday, at least 36 people were killed across Egypt when pro-government supporters took to the streets to demonstrate against the military overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Violence continued on Saturday when a Coptic priest was shot and killed in the Sinai region.

Iran’s foreign minister meanwhile has called the overthrow of Mursi to be “improper”, calling on Morsi’s supporters to continue their attempts in bringing him back to power, and saying that “Islamists and revolutionaries should not be frustrated.”