Egyptian Protests Escalate Against Election Results

Egyptian protesters
Protesters set fire to Shafiq's election office

Demonstrations in anger at the outcome of Egypt’s presidential election escalated in Cairo’s Tahrir square, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said.

In Cairo, thousands marched down July 26 street downtown and Ramses street in front of the High Court building in a protest against the runoff where Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi and ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq will compete.

Demonstrators lifted banners denouncing the outcome of the election and protested against what they called “rigging” the election, reminding people of the January 25 martyrs and their rights.

They chanted slogans including “No remnants of the former regime and no Brotherhood, the revolution is still at the square” and “Hosni Mubarak still rules.”

In Alexandria, hundreds marched in Al-Shatbi area downtown protesting the election outcome.

Protesters headed from Al-Qa’ed Ibrahim mosque carrying banners that say “Sabahi is in the heart” and “We hold on to our dream” in support of ex-contender Hamdeen Sabahi.

In Suez, more than 200 people participated in a march against the poll result organised by April 6 movement and the Revolution’s Youth movement, Aswat Masriya correspondent reported. Demonstrators chanted several slogans including “Two parties you cannot trust… the military and the Brotherhood”.

Hundreds of revolutionary activists and representatives of national powers marched from Port Fouad ferries areas in a demonstration demanding the presidency for Hamdeen Sabahi.