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Egypt’s New Islamist President Moves into Mubarak’s Office

Mohammed Mursi
Egypt’ newly elected president Mohammed Mursi

Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has started consultations to form a government after he was declared the winner of the June 16-17 presidential election on Sunday.

The 60-year-old Morsi arrived at the presidential office on Monday for official meetings and consultations. He said his priority is to form a working presidential team until he finishes consultation over nominating vice presidents.

In an effort to rally support and heal national divisions, Morsi vowed to appoint diverse deputies, including a woman and a Christian. He also has reached out to other presidential hopefuls, who garnered popular support in the first round of elections.

On Sunday supporters of the newly elected islamist president Mohamed Mursi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party began celebrating his victory in Egypt’s governorates shortly after the presidential elections commission declared him the country’s first democratic president.

Ecstatic citizens gathered in Mursi’s hometown al-Adwa village to celebrate with oriental drums, flutes and camel dancing.

On the other hand, grief dominated Sharqiya’s Qatifa village, hometown of ex-candidate Ahmed Shafiq after he lost the presidential race.

Hundreds of citizens flocked to the Muslim Brotherhood’s and the Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters to congratulate them and celebrate their victory.

In Assiut, a carnival-like atmosphere dominated the streets following the result announcement as citizens roamed the city with their cars, waving flags and carrying Mursi’s pictures.

On the other hand, Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign shut down its headquarters immediately after the result announcement.

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