Ethiopia Should Break Diplomatic Ties With Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Diplomatic Relations
Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are routinely abuse and labelled as infiltrators and criminals

AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia have had long standing relations for many centuries since Prophet Mohamed told his family and followers to take refuge in Ethiopia. At that time, the Prophet instructed his followers not to touch Abyssinians in his return to Mecca.

However, the story is now vice versa. It is very common to hear the imprisonment and torture of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia every day.

Workers from Ethiopia come to Saudi Arabia under a sponsorship system routinely abused by employers who subject them to what Human Rights Watch calls “slavery-like conditions.” Passports are often confiscated, wages delayed or withheld, and forced labor is commonplace.

Female domestic workers suffer from confinement, food deprivation, and severe sexual, psychological and physical abuse. Male workers live in conditions most people would find unsuitable for animals.

In general Saudi Arabia is becoming a hell for Ethiopians while we offer thousands of hectares of fertile lands for their investors in our homeland, Ethiopia.

In September 2011, a senior Ethiopian official has estimated Saudi Arabian investments in Ethiopia at about $13.3 billion, most of it being in the agricultural sector. Rice and wheat seem to be a high priority. According to the official Saudi Arabian investments in agriculture and animal husbandry are in keeping with the government’s strategic plan to reach food security.

The fundamental question here is, if both countries have enjoyed good relations in recent years, why are Ethiopians being tortured in Saudi Arabia every day? Are all those billions of dollars in investments worth the barbaric torture and abuse of our citizens? Please watch some of the horrifying videos below.


Ethiopia Refugees Being Tortured In Saudi Arabia


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