Ethiopia Building Military Power Equivalent To Egypt’s

su 30 Fighter
su 30 Fighter operated by the Ethiopian Air Force

AFRICANGLOBE – The report from the Global Fire Index, an international organization that publishes annual report on the comparative military might of countries puts Ethiopia as the second militarily powerful state in Africa.

From the African continent the organization lists the seven countries which are building the strongest military forces in Africa.

The list puts Egypt at the first position and then Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Libya and Kenya. GFI’s 2014 report said that though Ethiopian is a landlocked country, it is building one of the most power military forces in the continent and the rate with which it is building its military might is astonishing.

Concerning Egypt’s military it wrote that it has 500,000 soldiers, 10,000 tanks, 60,000 other vehicles and 900 fighter aircrafts. Brigadier General Kasaye Chemeda of the Ethiopian army was asked about the relative military powers of Ethiopia and Egypt, he responded that the small relative difference between the two countries military power is of no importance; “instead the most important is the fight moral of the military and Ethiopians are known worldwide for their bravery and an unwavering attitude when it comes into defending their country” he said.

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