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Ethiopia Calls for Dialogue As Political Turmoil Escalates in Egypt

Ethiopia Calls for Dialogue As Political Turmoil Escalates in Egypt
Hailemariam Desalegn, Ethiopia’s current Prime Minister

AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, on Friday urged Egyptian authorities to engage in national dialogue to defuse the deadly political crises in the North African nation.

While expressing regret over recent deadly incidents in Egypt, the Ethiopian Prime minister urged all concerned Egyptian parties to exercise restraint and avoid any further provocation or escalation of violence.

The Ethiopian Prime minister, who also is Africa Union (AU) chairperson, called on Egyptian leaders to promote peace, stability and development.

He further called on them to engage in an all-inclusive dialogue so as national reconciliation is maintained.

“He [Hailemariam] called upon all Egyptians to act responsibly and peacefully, to cooperate in an inclusive process involving all political groups in a spirit of responsiveness, cooperation and partnership”, the premier’s spokesperson, Getachew Reda, said last night.

Earlier this month Egypt, in its second revolution; saw the ouster of its democratically elected leader, Mohamed Morsi, after he served in office only one year.

However Morsi supporters still continue their protests demanding his reinstatement as a legitimate leader of the country.

Dozens of protesters have been killed and many others injured in the ongoing clashes with Army.

The 54 member continental bloc, the Africa Union (AU), has condemned the overthrow of Morsi and warned to suspend the state from membership in accusations of constitutional violation by the Army.

“The Egyptian army’s removal of Morsi was in violation of the provisions of the Egyptian constitution and falls under the AU doctrine on unconstitutional changes of government”, AU chief, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said in a statement issued on 4 july.

Regional Impact

The Ethiopian Prime Minister further said political instability in Egypt will negatively impact the entire region, and also adversely affect peace and stability of the continent as a whole.

He said that “it was in the interests of Ethiopia, as well as of all Egypt’s neighbors, that there should be peace and stability in Egypt”.

While calling on all Egyptian leaders to do their level best to prevent further violence, Hailemariam said that Ethiopia is following up the situation closely and he pledged his country would extend every necessary support to end to the chaos.

The Prime Minister went on to saying that the future of Egypt, can and should only be determined by the Egyptian people.

Egypt-Ethiopia Relations 

Despite recent verbal confrontation between Egypt and Ethiopia over the construction of a new dam on the Blue Nile, the premier reiterated that Ethiopia would always remain a friend of Egypt and the Egyptian people.

Relations between Cairo and Addis Ababa deteriorated in June after Egypt threatened to take military action over the construction massive Hydro power plant – Grand Renaissance dam – which Ethiopia is building.

Ethiopia which is the source to over 85% of the Nile water resources downplayed Egypt’s threat saying it was only “psychological warfare” and further said Egyptians leaders won’t take military action as an option unless “they are out of their minds”

The East African nation further warned it was ready to defend any attack on its territory.

Egypt insisted the dam’s construction would reduce its water share granted under a pre-colonial era treaty.

In his latest statement Hailemariam said “We are committed to continuing peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with the Egyptian people, and fully supported their aspirations for democracy, development and dignity”.

“Ethiopia believes, as it has demonstrated on numerous occasions, that dialogue and discussion provide the necessary way forward to resolve disputes whether external or internal. It is also a near neighbour and deeply involved in the development of a mutually beneficial relationship with all the states in the Nile Basin including Egypt. It believes that all the riparian states will continue to work together to provide peaceful solutions to all current problems”, the statement further said.

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