Ethiopia Foils Cyber-Attack On Nile Dam And Banks

Ethiopia Foils Cyber-Attack On Nile Dam And Banks
Shumete Gizawctor Director General of Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency.

AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopian Authorities on Tuesday said they had stopped international cyber-attack attempts targeting the massive Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the country’s major financial institutions.

“The failed cyber-attacks include attempts to impede the works of the GERD by targeting 37,000 interlinked computers used by financial institutions,” said Shumete Gizaw, the director-general of Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

He spoke on the state-run local media on Tuesday.

Mr Shumete alleged that an organisation sponsored by countries that “envy peace and development endeavours of Ethiopia” has declared cyber war against Addis Ababa under the motto of “Black Pyramid War”.

He, however, did not disclose the implicated sponsoring countries or the organisation or where it is based.

Previously, Addis Ababa has accused Egypt-based hackers of attempting to hack into computer systems in Ethiopia. Egypt has been vocal against the dam arguing that there was a need for an agreement on how to fill and operate the structure as it is built on the main water source for Cairo. But Ethiopia has been adamant that the water is first a sovereign project and that it will not hurt downstream countries Sudan and Egypt.