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Ethiopia To Establish Navy, Space And Cyber Forces As Part Of Military Reforms


Ethiopia To Establish Navy, Space And Cyber Forces As Part Of Military Reforms
Ethiopian is one of the only countries in Africa that actually manufactures its own weaponry.

AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopia’s Councils of Ministry have agreed on a new draft bill to reestablish a navy and to set up a cybersecurity and space force as part of the ongoing reforms in Defense Force structure.

Prime minister office said that the cabinet has agreed on the draft and sent to the parliament hoping the lawmakers will approve to reorganize navy and include cyber security and space force in the army for the first time in the countries history.

“With regard to the legal framework, the revisions made look at including the structure of the Navy within the Defense Force Proclamation, and will in the future include cybersecurity and Space Force considerations,” a statement issued by the Prime Minister office on last week reads.

In June Abiy Ahmed urged the security heads to lead reforms that would improve the army’s capacity to handle advanced and modern threats, during his discussion with defense chiefs just a month after his appointment.

“A Defense Force that can readily meet this context is in the process of being built,” the statement quoted Ahmed as saying.

Just a month after he took office in April Abiy Ahmed has made reshuffles on a top army position including the replacement of the army chief General Samora Younes, who’d held the role since 2001, with another ethnic Tigrayan, Seare Mekonnen previously headed military’s northern command.

Led by the newly installed female ministry, Aisha Amhed, the Ethiopian army one of the strongest and largest in the continent following Egypt and South Africa and Nigeria,currently operates on land and air, as landlocked Ethiopia disbanded its naval force some two decades ago following the separation of Eritrea, which left Ethiopia without access to a major ocean or sea that would host its naval force.


By: Solomon Yimer

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