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Ethiopian Woman Raped and Murdered in Kuwait

Ethiopian woman murdered
Ethiopian women are routinely abused in Arabia

AFRICANGLOBE – An Ethiopian woman died when she allegedly fell from the window of a domestic employment agency in Hawally, Kuwait.

According to security sources, when the operations room of Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior received information from the building guard about a woman lying on the ground and bleeding, securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location and found the woman bleeding profusely from the head.

Paramedics examined her and discovered she had succumbed to a severe head injury.

Officers from General Department for Criminal Evidences rushed to the location and referred the Ethiopian woman’s body to the Forensics Department.

Preliminary investigations by securitymen revealed that the victim fell from the window of a domestic employment agency in the building. They also noticed that the victim was wearing an ‘abaya’ (dress) without any underwear. They were informed that the woman was at the agency with three other Ethiopian women.

the security guards claimed that they summoned the other three women and the owner of the agency to the police station where they informed securitymen that they were sleeping at the time of the incident and were not aware of her death until the securitymen notified them about it.A case was registered for further investigations.

Meanwhile, a another foreign woman working as a maid in Kuwait tried to commit suicide by consuming large number of pills inside her sponsor’s house in Firdous.

Reportedly, after her sponsor discovered her housemaid lying unconscious, she immediately rushed her to Farwaniya Hospital for treatment.

Security guards rushed to the hospital after receiving information about the suicide attempt.

Gulf countries are notorious for their mistreatment of woman especially those from east Africa, who travel to the countries to work as maids and in other service industries, there have been numerous cases of abuse involving rape, murder, and illegal imprisonment of Ethiopian women in these Arab countries.
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