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Europeans Financing Conflicts In Africa In Order To Plunder It’s Resources


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Europeans Financing Conflicts In Africa In Order to Plunder It's Resources
President Mugabe speaking at the CISSA conference in Harare

AFRICANGLOBE – Zimbabwen President Robert Mugabe has told heads of intelligence services in Africa that scores of brutal conflicts in the continent are bankrolled by Europeans whose motive is to plunder Africa’s vast mineral resources.

President Mugabe said Africa’s vast reserves of untapped mineral resources and the world-wide recession had triggered a new scramble for control of its “raw wealth.”

“This endowment has triggered global competition for access to, control and exploitation of Africa’s raw wealth,” Mugabe told the ongoing 10th conference of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services in Africa (CISSA) in Harare on Monday.

“The reality is that both developed and emerging economies are targeting these resources to address their own developmental requirements.

“Africa has also been afflicted by conflict scenarios, largely influenced by the former colonial powers who want to continue siphoning resources out of the continent.”

CISSA was formed in April 2004 to promote security-related policies and programmes that encourage peace, stability and development.

It was established in response to recommendations by African heads of state and government and is an arm of the African Union (AU) mandated with providing the continent with security information.

The organisation’s main objective is to collect information on the continent and supply the AU with such information instead of leaving that role to other organisations.

President Mugabe said outsiders had used at least 20 armed conflicts in Africa since 1990 to gather intelligence and deploy “stealth predator drones,” unmanned surveillance aircraft, to spy on their countries.

“Our erstwhile colonisers continue to manipulate international institutional and conventions to justify unilateral military interventions in African states with the objective of extracting and unfairly exploiting our resources,” he said.

Happyton Bonyongwe, the head of Zimbabwe’s security agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation, took over as chair of  CISSA for the next year
Bonyongwe, said the continent was faced with a myriad of security threats including terrorism, mercenarism, human and drug trafficking and cyber-terrorism.

President Mugabe said he hoped the visiting intelligence chiefs will enjoy “Zimbabwean hospitality” and visit the nation’s tourist attractions.


By: Janet Shoko


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