Fighting Renewed Between Tuaregs And Africans In Southern Libya

Fighting Renewed Between Tuaregs And Africans In Southern Libya
Since the fall of Gaddafi Sabha has seen frequent skirmishes between the African Toubou and Arab tribes

AFRICANGLOBE – Clashes have re-erupted between rival Al-Tabu and Tuareg tribes across southern Libya’s Ubari town after several weeks of tense calm.

“Clashes were renewed on Thursday evening between members of the two tribes after Al-Tabu militants attempted to advance into the town’s east in an attack that involved medium to heavy weapons,” a military official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

Two months ago, Libya’s Tuareg tribesmen said they would suspend fighting on all fronts in Ubari in order to give a chance for dialogue between the combatants after three months of confrontations.

Before that, the southern town had been the scene of intense fighting between the Tuareg and the African Al-Tabu tribes, which left dozens dead or injured from both sides.

Libya has been dogged by political instability since Muammar Gaddafi’s 2011 ouster and death.

In the more than three years since, rival militias have frequently clashed in Libya’s main cities, including Tripoli and Benghazi. The central government, meanwhile, has remained largely absent from the scene.

The sharp political divisions have yielded two rival seats of government, each of which has its own institutions.



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