Foreigners Trying To Fix Zambian Elections

Foreigners Trying To Fix Zambian Elections
Illegal White president Guy Scott has been working very hard to gut the Patriotic Front party which is seen as too nationalistic for white investors

AFRICANGLOBE – A group of wealthy South African mining interests and an arms dealer have been secretly aiming to exert their influence to fix the upcoming presidential by-election in Zambia, according to an article published this week in African Confidential.

The article, entitled “Foreign boost for opposition,” highlights an alleged conspiracy hatched by Brenthurst Foundation – an institution backed by the multi-billionaire Oppenheimer mining family dynasty to organise the installation of Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party of National Development (UPND) as the next president.

These South African mining interests were apparently motivated to undertake this scheme to install Hichilema in order oust the Patriotic Front, which they viewed as “anti-business,” and put in place a president that would be more obedient and willing to reduce taxes and tariffs to allow the mining companies to extract greater wealth from Zambia.

This same group of foreigners was allegedly behind the effort the fix the elections in Kenya as well to install Raila Odinga as president, however that particular effort failed. Sources say they are involved in fixing a number of elections across Africa.

According to the article published by Africa Confidential, the mining companies along with a powerful South African arms dealer originally sought to bring together a coalition of Hakainde Hichilema and and former President Rupiah Banda, using the former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo as a mediator. However, when former President Banda refused to be part of their plans, they then brought in the then-President of MMD Nevers Mumba, who was allegedly coordinated to block Banda and pull MMD out of the elections to support UPND.

Africa Confidential reports: “The outsiders wanted Hakainde Hichilema, leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND), to lead a coalition including the formerly governing MMD to victory. Zambia’s opposition leaders were flown to the Oppenheimer family’s luxurious Tswalu game reserve for meetings run by Obasanjo, who also chairs the Brenthurst Foundation.”

The article continues: “After the Banda-Hichilema talks failed, the brokers brought Mumba to the table. Mumba was whisked to South Africa just before Michael Sata’s burial. Mumba appeared with a team of advisors, which unsettled the brokers. They included MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu, party Treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima and the veteran member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu, Mumba’s legal advisor. Obasanjo tried to persuade Mumba to pull out of the race and back Hichilema. Although both sides spoke openly, the meeting ended in stalemate. They resolved that they should resume the dialogue and try to negotiate an electoral pact after Michael Sata’s funeral.”

Although it is not known what happened following these final meeting, the recent conduct by MMD leader Nevers Mumba to attempt to close the MMD secretariat, block the party from voting, followed by his suspension by the National Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday, appear to confirm previous accusations that he had been co-opted to act in support of the foreigners’ plan to install HH as president.

Earlier in the day on the 18th, Mr. Hichilema issued a press release which appeared to celebrate the confusion caused in the MMD by Dr. Mumba’s actions – actions which he himself may allegedly be implicated in sponsoring.

“After the events of the past week it is hard to see how either the MMD or PF could be expected to lead a united country when they are so divided themselves,” Hichilema said in his statement. “Not only can they not agree on a candidate, but now they also cannot agree on the modality of selecting a candidate.”

On his behalf, on the morning of November 18th before his suspension, Nevers Mumba similarly called a press conference at his home, where he announced that the MMD would enter into an alliance with the UPND, although other party members say that they were not notified of these arrangements.

“Let me state here and now that MMD is not for sale,” Dr. Mumba said yesterday. “We remain committed to exploring all options meant to further strengthen us including that of respectful alliances with other political parties and we have made great progress in this regard.”

However, following yesterday evening’s MMD NEC vote which secured the presidential candidacy of Former President Banda on the MMD ticket, there are likely to be more questions for everyone involved in these clandestine meetings by foreign business interests interfering in Zambia’s democratic process.


By: Evans Mulenga