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Forget The Lie That Africans Sold Other Africans Into Slavery


Forget The Lie That Africans Sold Other Africans Into Slavery
America’s wealth was built on the backs of its Black population

AFRICANGLOBE – In the historical accounts of some European and white American men about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, “their idea of ‘African complicity’ is more myth than a reality,” I say. It claims: Africans captured other Africans and sold them to European ships. The theory is misleading but we know why the story has changed from, “We conquered, enslaved and colonized Africa” to “We were just trading with them.” Propaganda. The tune has changed.

So let’s deal with the charge of African complicity during slavery.

Is it not more myth than reality the idea of Libyan Complicity when in actual fact Libyan refugees were captured and turned into slaves in Europe as a result of a terrorist invasion? If the story we hear is that the Libyans sold themselves into slavery how would the next generation of Libyans feel? The idea of Libyans sold themselves to Europeans would be preposterous!

Or is it not more myth than reality the idea of Iraqi Complicity when actually Iraqi refugees were captured, spirited to the USA and Europe, and in some instances found themselves slaves in twentieth century Europe as a result of another terrorist invasion? Was it Iraqi Complicity? Again, here, the idea that Iraqis sold themselves into slavery would be preposterous!

So why is it not equally a preposterous charge that Africans sold themselves into slavery? Could Slavery have been the result of the barbaric invasion of Africa by the so-called missionary Europeans, or civilizing Europeans, in the same way that freedom-fighting-regime-change-terrorists in the Levant have forced so many into refugee status?

I ask: How exactly are the so-called historians who identify as African, or even Black, able to repeat, or rather regurgitate the ideological lies, the pungent hatred of their European and white American colleagues in re-branding the terrorism that befell mostly West Africa as some African Complicity?

Or is terrorism new? Is it only experienced by others who are not Black, or African?

The narrative of the Slave trade and the nonsense of African complicity is preposterous. Indeed, those who use that phrase in Africa didn’t even pass secondary school English. What African Complicity? If we had to speak of complicity now in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, when anyone from that nation found themselves working in some German Clothing Factory for close to nothing the world would riot.

But African complicity in the slave trade? Who do these European and white American historians think we are? The fact that we don’t read your books, written in bad English, with close to little logic (I am close to calling it zero logic once I am done with reading all your major works), or even comment on them, or the fact that we do not attend your conferences in the West doesn’t mean we do not know that you lie—all the time. You lie.

And if I were all Africans, I will burn all your nonsense from all our libraries in the land.


By: Amenuti Narmer
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