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Going Backwards: French To Become Compulsory In Nigerian Schools


AFRICANGLOBE – French is likely to become Nigeria’s second official language following a plan by the country’s government to make the language compulsory across all schools up to tertiary level, local newspaper The Sun reports.

Professor Anthony Anwuka, Minister of State for Education, hinted at the plan while receiving Denys Gaver, the French Ambassador to Nigeria.

Going Backwards: French To Become Compulsory In Nigerian Schools
Nigeria is taking a step in the wrong direction

Anwuka said Nigeria was keen to make the language the second language of business in the country, adding that it was a veritable language of international diplomacy, trade and commerce.

Speaking on the issue of more French teachers being needed in the country, Anwuka pleaded with Gaver to expedite training of teachers so that the programme could be implemented at a national level.

According to The Nation, the minister also made mention of a French Clinic Project, which would see the establishment of French clinics in 104 government colleges and schools across the country.

Speaking out on the proposed plan, Gaver commended Anwuka, advising that the country could implement the use of technology and the internet in order to train teachers and fill the gap in the absence of French educators.

Gaver also added that the French Government would be willing to offer scholarships to Nigerian students to further their studies in France, All Africa reported.

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